Mulch Matters

To create the best growing environment, we use permaculture techniques – no chemicals, pesticides or additives. Permaculture farming requires patience and persistence. It is an old world technique that is being used by many farming purists who are rejecting chemicals, pesticides and additives in favor of natural and nutrient dense soil that is a by-product of mother nature.  


The Gritty Truth: Everything used in the growth cycle comes from the earth. 

Create superior soil, yield super produce. It’s a very simple standard. Sun Fresh Farm intends to create the very best soil with no harm to the land, elements or surrounding areas. To accomplish this, Sun Fresh Farm has partnered with various mulching outfits that can supply the farm with the necessary tree wood chips that will be combined with compost and other natural farm materials.  


The demand for Sun Fresh Farm organic produce has increased significantly so that salad greens and other produce accounts for up to 40% of all revenue producing farm products. Beds are turned over as often as every 5 weeks, year round, and wood chips are a vital part of that process every single day. The stockpiling of wood chips ensures that we can provide layering of mulch at all times as we expand our growing beds and business.