Sun Fresh Farm and Ranch

Sun Fresh Farm and Ranch

Sun Fresh Farm and Ranch is an urban farm in the heart of Davie, Florida focused on growing the most delicious, and therefore nutritious, chicken, eggs and seasonal vegetables using truly good-for-the-earth methods. 

At Sun Fresh Farm and Ranch, we only use permaculture methods to ensure the soil on our land is full of minerals, and the healthiest it can possibly be.

This means no artificial or chemical fertilizers, planting and harvesting is done by hand, and listening to the land. 

Healthy Soil = Nutrition You Can TASTE

Our goal is also to identify and meet local growing needs. We do this by listening to our local customers and chefs, working with other local farmers and growers, and experimenting using innovative techniques.

Want to taste the difference of true slow food?

You can find our products every weekend at the Yellow Green Farmers Market, Pinecrest Farmers Market, and at select restaurants throughout South Florida during the week.